Thank you donors!

Each year, our executives work with our board of directors to create a smart budget based on tuition and ticket fees to cover the operational costs at Metropolitan School of the Arts.  However, this alone, is not enough to carry out our mission of launching extraordinary students who reach their fullest potential as artists, innovators and global citizens. We must raise supplemental income to cover the costs of needs-based tuition, such as when a family faces a medical emergency or a parent loses their job unexpectedly; and, we must work to raise funds for training and development for our world-class faculty; and, we must continue to reward our faculty for their ongoing commitment to an innovative curriculum that sets us apart from other performing arts organizations.  THIS is what makes us special, THIS is what keeps us a family and THIS is how you can make your tax-deductible donation to Metropolitan School of the Arts!


FEATURE STORY:  On its way to the NEXT STAGE, Metropolitan’s Black Box Theater will soon be a reality!

Thanks to all our Friends of MSA who contributed support for The NEXT STAGE Campaign, Metropolitan School of the Arts made history in 2016, meeting its first-ever Matching Gift Challenge.  By meeting this challenge, we raised a total of $120,000 and will soon make a long-time dream a reality for our faculty and students, and allow us to do more for our community.  Construction has begun and Metropolitan anticipates holding its first recitals and performances after the seating is installed during spring break 2017.  More to come!

Learn more about Metropolitan and how motivated our students were to help raise funds for a theater space to call their own by watching our video.