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Join us as we strive to provide the most fulfilling experience in arts education and help young people reach their fullest potential through our phenomenal faculty, world-class curriculum, and exceptional collaborations with those most committed to igniting the creative spark in young people, contributing towards greater success for their futures.

  • When asked what “sparks” their interest, 54% of teens age 12-17 chose creative arts.
    This is more than twice the number of the second choice: athletics. (The Search Institute, 2018; Benson, 2008, and TEDxTC – Peter Benson, 2011)
  • Arts students, on average, score 100 points higher on their SAT (Americans For the Arts “Arts & Social Impact Fact Sheet”)
  • Arts education provides the critical thinking, communications and innovation skills essential to a productive work force. (National Assembly of State Arts Agencies)
  • Performing arts students show greater flexibility and adaptability in thinking than their peers. (The Importance of Arts Education in Workforce Preparation, 2017)

TEDxTC – Peter Benson – Sparks: How Youth Thrive

Why Support Metropolitan

School of the Arts?

Each year, our leadership works with our Board of Directors to create a budget based on tuition and ticket sales to cover the operational costs at Metropolitan School of the Arts.  However, this alone, is not enough to carry out our mission of launching extraordinary students to reach their fullest potential as artists, innovators and global citizens. We must raise supplemental income to cover the costs of needs-based tuition, such as when a family faces a medical emergency or a parent loses their job unexpectedly; we must work to raise funds for training and development for our world-class faculty; and, we must continue to support our faculty for their ongoing commitment with resources they need to continue to implement an innovative curriculum and exceptional facility that sets us apart from other performing arts organizations.  THIS is what makes us special and THIS is why your support makes an extraordinary difference to Metropolitan School of the Arts.

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