Boys Dance Classes

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boys dance classes!

Boys Ballet (age 7-9 )

Description:  This course of study is designed specifically for the special needs of  boys learning ballet!  The class enables young men to understand  basic Ballet technique which includes being able to demonstrate secure classical posture and weight placement with appropriate use of ‘turn-out’.  They should be able to move with ease across the floor while establishing harmonious lines through the body and demonstrate an ability to perform with increasing confidence, awareness of the audience and responsiveness to musical rhythms, phrasing and dynamics.  Students will also have the opportunity to perform in the annual Spring Production.

Boys Hip-Hop

Description: A hip-hop class just for the boys! This class explores the popular free-form dance style, which developed from urban American culture and music.  Students learn street-style movements and develop awareness of Hip Hop style and rhythmic patterns.  The choreography at this level is primarily creative movement with Hip Hop influences. It is fun, energetic and suitable for the young age range. Students will have the opportunity to perform in the Winter and Spring Productions.

Boys Tap 1 (ages 5-6)
Must be 5 years old by September 30th

Description:  Developed especially for boys, this class is an introduction to Tap Dance in an energetic and dynamic environment. Dancers progressively work on more complex movements performed at a faster speed.   Students will be given the opportunity to perform in the Winter Concert and the Spring Production.

Boys Tap 2 (age 6-7)  
Must be 6 years old by September 30th

Description:  This class enables students to demonstrate an understanding of basic Tap technique, which develops an awareness of different sounds, rhythms and actions of the feet.   Classes begin with an energizing warm up, followed by a series of steps, which are performed in-place and focus on rhythmical, articulated footwork. These exercises develop into more coordinated movements across the floor.  Students will be given the opportunity to perform in the Winter Concert and the Spring Production.


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