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Born and raised in Brazil, Giuliano started tap dancing in 2005 at Studio A dance through a partnership with the Adopt an Artist project, developed by the FAMA Foundation. He has also been teaching since 2009, as a volunteer in the projects developed by the same foundation. He has attended and taught at several different festivals in Brazil, the United States, and Argentina, and had the opportunity to teach a Brazilian rhythms class at the DC Tap Festival in 2017.

Through the beginning of his career, Giuliano has been invited on scholarships to the United States by world famous tap dancers such as, Jason Samuels Smith, Maud Arnold, and Chloe Arnold. Along with extending his education in the United States he is also part of the TAP NEW GENERATION company that performs at several different festivals in the area of Brazil and the USA.

As a producer, he has been developing projects in the area of tapping for the disseminations of knowledge and exchange between tap-changers Since 2014, he has been producing festivals such as TAP SHOES- The feet cannot stop (Araguari-MG) in 2016 e 2017, the event 4 X TAP around the country by 4 editions, and together with Geraldo Junior and Juliana Garcia TAP DOUBLE G (Ribeirao Preto -SP).

Currently he teaches workshops in Brazil and offers consulting in project management, social projects, and social media. He also holds a degree in Advertising and Marketing from Faculdale Esamc Uberlandia (MG).

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