teacher assistant program

At Metropolitan School of the Arts, we take the education of our students very seriously. Part of providing a well-rounded performing arts education is teaching the many facets of the performing arts field.

Education in the performing arts allows students to open a wide variety of career opportunities including arts management, choreography, production, legal practice, education, and public speaking. Beyond the field of the performing arts, creative/artistic thinkers are steadily obtaining work in corporate organizations.  They are attractive to employers based on their ability to think, act and produce “outside the box.”

The Teacher Assistants (TAs) at MSA work alongside the faculty and staff of MSA to gain real-life experience in the world of dance education. In addition, TA’s learn the administrative and theatrical aspects required of this position, along with the basics of class planning, following a syllabus, planning goals, choosing appropriate music and work, and preparing for a performance.

If you are interested in applying for a TA position at MSA, please contact us at studio@metropolitanarts.org or call 703.339.0444.