Summer Tuition & Policies

//Summer Tuition & Policies
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2018 summer tuition

Weekly Classes (calculated per student) Tuition – Before April 1, 2018 Tuition – After April 1, 2018
45 minutes $170.00 $180.00
1 hour $183.00 $193.00
1 hour 15 minutes $216.00 $226.00
1 hour 30 minutes $258.00 $268.00
1 hour 45 minutes $300.00 $310.00
2 hours $324.00 $334.00
2 hours 15 minutes $368.00 $373.00
2 hours 30 minutes $403.00 $413.00
2 hours 45 minutes $443.00 $453.00
3 hours $456.00 $466.00
Additional hours $148.00 $160.00


Private Music Lessons Tuition
30-minute lesson $41/lesson
60-minute lesson $77/lesson
Pre-Professional Intensives Tuition – Before April 1, 2018 Tuition – After April 1, 2018
FLY (2 weeks) $900.00 $975.00
Music Theater Workshop (2 weeks) $900.00 $975.00
Ballet Intensive Workshop (2 weeks) $900.00 $975.00
4-week Intensive Program (2, 2-week intensives/student) $1,625.00 $1,700.00
6-week Intensive Program (3, 2-week intensives/student) $2,375.00 $2,450.00
1-week option (Music Theater, FLY, Ballet Intensive) $475.00 $500.00
Camp MSA Tuition – Before April 1, 2018 Tuition – After April 1, 2018
All Camp MSA Programs (1 week full-day) $385/week $400.00/week
Mini Camps, Half-Day Tuition – Before April 1, 2018 Tuition – After April 1, 2018
Mini camps (1 session) $190/session $200/session
Mini camps (2 sessions) $180/session $190/session
Mini camps (3 sessions) $170/session $180/session
Mini camps (4 or more sessions) $160/session $170/session
Extended Care Tuition
Before Care (8-9 a.m.) $50/week
Lunch Club (12-1 p.m.) $30/week
After Care (4-6 p.m.) $50/week

summer policies


I, the parent or legal guardian of the above-named student, a minor child, do hereby consent to the participation of said minor child in the classes, camps and workshops listed above. I am aware that any physical activity should be undertaken ONLY after consultation with a physician and I assume responsibility for my child doing so. I have advised Metropolitan School of the Arts in writing of any limitations necessitated by my child’s activities due to medical or physical conditions.

I hereby hold Metropolitan School of the Arts and its employees or contractees harmless for any cost, claim, injury, damage, or liability incurred at the facility except due to the negligence of its agents or employees. I have received, read and fully understand Metropolitan School of the Arts’ Policies and Procedures.


Registration is confirmed with a $50.00 non-refundable deposit, per student, per program charged to the credit card provided on the registration form.

All tuition must be paid in full prior to July 1, 2018. The balance of tuition due (minus the deposit paid at time of registration) will be automatically charged to the credit card provided on the registration form on 7/1/18.

There are NO REFUNDS for summer programs or classes once your registration is submitted and confirmed. MSA does not offer refunds or credits for classes/lessons missed due to student absence/non-attendance, inclement weather or similar circumstances.

Metropolitan School of the Arts accepts check, cash, VISA, MasterCard and Discover. Sorry, no American Express.

Registration is confirmed only upon submission of a valid credit card or debit card number. Bills will not be sent. A $25.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks or declined credit cards. A $15 per month late fee will be charged for each month a balance due remains unpaid on your MSA account.

Any outstanding balance on your MSA account as of July 1, 2018 (or date of registration if after 7/1/18) from previous sessions or purchases will also be due and charged to the payment method provided for this session. Payment in full of all current and past due charges will be required in order to participate in summer programs.

I agree to provide payment in the form of cash, check or a valid credit card for these charges should the card on file be denied.


No partial/incomplete registrations will be accepted. Registration subject to eligibility and availability.

Schedule is subject to change or cancellation based on enrollment. Students will be contacted one week prior to the beginning of a class, camp or intensive if a change is deemed necessary.

MSA operates as a “Come and Go” facility. MSA is not responsible for providing before or after care for students unless the parent has registered them for the appropriate Extended Care Program. Students are not to be left at the school for excessive periods before or after their programs.

MSA reserves the right to ask students to observe class when arriving more than 10 minutes late. Repeated tardiness may result in termination of classes. A minimum attendance standard will be required. If a student misses more than 4 classes without written notice, MSA reserves the right to terminate lessons without refund.

To provide the most professional experience for your children, the faculty of MSA will strictly enforce dress code attire beginning the second week of classes. Proper hair and attire will prevent physical obstruction in dance class. All students must have their hair in a classical ballet bun to participate in ballet class. Hair must be worn off the neck and out of the face for all tap and jazz classes. Program-specific dress code information is available online or by request at the front desk.

Please label all clothes, shoes, bags and other personal belongings with your student’s name and leave expensive electronics and other valuables at home. MSA is not responsible for lost or misplaced/missing property.


Dancing is physical skill and in order to help and facilitate the student’s learning the teacher may need to physically guide a movement by touch. Touch promotes kinesthetic learning and can produce a quicker response to correction than other teaching tools.


The MSA staff may take photographs or videos of students, individually or in groups, attending or taking part in classes, programs and events. These photographs or videos may appear in publications, on our website, on social media or in other publicity. Students and/or participants consent to having their photograph taken or such videos shown and used for such purposes.


Students are expected to provide their own instruments, supplies (i.e. picks, strings, etc.), with the exception of piano. In these instances it is recommended that a piano is available at home so the student is able to practice. All students are required to provide their own music. Teachers will make recommendations for music purchases.

MSA does not offer refunds. No credits or make-up lessons are offered for missed or cancelled private lessons, unless the cancellation is due to a weather closing or teacher absence. Students are entitled to 1 make-up lesson during the summer session, provided that the school is notified before 12:00 p.m. on the day of the lesson they must miss. Make-up lessons will be scheduled at the discretion of the instructor. In the case of a teacher’s absence, a substitute teacher may be arranged for the lesson(s). All private lessons missed due to MSA closing for a weather related emergency will be either made up or reimbursed in the form of a credit towards the following month’s tuition.


When registering for a class, lesson or workshop, you are reserving your space. There are NO REFUNDS for summer intensives, camps or classes.


I have read and understand all the above material and agree to comply with MSA’s policies and procedures. I also understand that MSA reserves the right to terminate lessons or classes due to any individual or extenuating circumstances.

Thank you for your interest in MSA!