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The Postgraduate Training Program

The Postgraduate Training Program at The Academy @ Metropolitan School of the Arts is designed for the recent high school graduate. This Training Program allows students to focus on in-depth artistic preparation before entering a performing arts college, university, conservatory or professional company. This transitional year is guided by professional teaching artists and faculty members teaching on the collegiate level. Students prepare for college and professional auditions by focusing on a well-rounded curriculum that encourages versatility and includes master classes with university and college professors; assistance with prescreen audition preparation and videography is also available. The faculty assists students in exploring the intricacies of performing arts through carefully selected course materials, performance
opportunities and professional relationships, while maintaining a commitment to wellness and comprehensive training. The year culminates in a showcase that is recorded and available for students’ portfolios.

Why Consider this Postgraduate Training Program? The Academy @ Metropolitan School of the Arts is offering a cutting-edge performing arts program in response to a more competitive landscape for college acceptance and professional work. Our location just outside Washington, DC, the second largest metropolitan performing arts community in the country, presents an ideal place to train alongside the finest working artists and clinicians. This special year will allow you to:

Hone artistic skills
Demonstrate the ability to do more demanding work
Strengthen artistic portfolio
Fill in gaps on transcript
Improve time management skills
Gain confidence in auditions and application

For the recent high school graduate, our Postgraduate Training Program allows students to focus on in-depth artistic preparation before entering a performing arts college, university, conservatory or professional company. This year is guided by professional teaching artists and faculty teaching on the collegiate level. The year culminates in a showcase that is recorded and available for students’ portfolios. While concentrations in Classical Dance and Music Theatre are offered, all
students train in a cross-curricular and individualized manner. Based on assessment, students will be placed in the appropriate levels for each discipline and for maximum growth potential. The admissions process includes an application, audition and personal interview.

Thank you for your interest in MSA!