Vocal Boot Camp: Riffs and Runs

about:  Calling all vocalists!  This vocal boot camp explores the vocal stylings that can make your audition and performances one of a kind!  Riffs and runs can be intimidating, but if you’ve never had the opportunity to try it, then we encourage you to join us!  Today’s top selling pop, R&B, soul, and music theater vocalists seem to have mastered this vocal flexibility.  This workshop is an introduction to adding artistic flair to your technique in a fun and supportive environment.  The workshop has only one requirement: active participation!  Leave the rest to the pros!

hours:          5:00-7:00pm
dates:           July 13-17
eligibility:   Ages 12+
faculty:        MSA Music Faculty


Have you ever listened to a song and tried to figure out how to play it? You know how you hear the same patterns in different songs, but you can’t quite tell what they are? Music Theory 2 is here to help you with that. In this class we will focus on contemporary music played today. You’ll learn skills that will help you to jump in any gig and play along on the spot! In this class you will learn how to identify song patterns, chord structures, and the Nashville Number System. This class is open to instrumentalists and vocalists who have completed either Music Theory 1 or a Music Theory class at their school.

Music Theory and Aural Skills 2

hours:            5:00-7:00pm
dates:             August 3-7
eligibility:     Age 13+
faculty:            MSA Music Faculty