Class / Program Time
MHP Friday – Intermediate Drama 1:30pm – 2:30pm
MHP Friday – Teen Acting 12:00pm – 1:30pm



New and returning students continue their study of theatre and acting concepts while refining their presentational skills in a relaxed environment that encourages creativity, commitment and collaboration. Techniques to build believable characters will be introduced such as journaling, observation, emotion and sense memory. Character development, acting methods, scene study and audition techniques will be explored. Through participation in weekly improv games, students will go deeper into the development of spontaneity, imagination, and creativity. Students will exhibit and reinforce their skills through individual and group presentations. Theatre etiquette will be taught, focusing on knowing what to expect as a theatrical performer from audition to closing night. An end-of-year, in-class performance for families will showcase newly developed skills. This class will cover same material as the Tuesday Intermediate Drama.


This class is designed to go deeper into the exploration of skills and resources taught in the MHP Senior class and may be taken multiple years. It can be taken in addition to the Tuesday class, or as an a la carte class. We will branch out into more specific training which includes exercises in specific verbal, voice and focus warm-ups, character exercises, non-verbal expression through music, dramatic and comedic scene-based activities, monologues, duo, group and experimental scenes. We will explore the effect of tension on performance (and real-life) and how to deal with it by studying points in the book, Freeing the Artistic Mind, by Dr. Bill Crawford. We will prepare and perform a one-act play to be presented to family and friends. Like the Tuesday class, we will: Keep a journal; try to attend at least one outside theatrical performance and prepare a short class presentation; work through the text, The Actor’s Notebook.