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ACTING (ages 13-18)

TEEN ADVANCED ACTING: This class is designed to go deeper into the exploration of all skills taught in the MHP Tuesday Senior Acting class. It can be taken in addition to the Tuesday class, or as an a la carte class for any student that has taken one or more years of acting classes. The first semester will strengthen performance techniques as we build a fully-produced one-act play to be presented in the studio’s Black Box theater. The second semester will concentrate on improv, scene study, and in-class workshops with guest artists who are professionals in physical theater, Commedia del Arte, and the Alexander Technique. In mid-May, students will learn more about the production aspect of theater as we approach our Metropolitan Homeschool Productions spring performance, assisting the director in working rehearsals during class time.


BALLET (ages 13-18)

TEEN BEGINNER BALLET: This course is specifically designed for older students who are starting Ballet and are expected to progress at a faster rate than younger students at this level. It includes no performances. Based on the Metropolitan ballet curriculum, it enables students to show an understanding of basic Ballet technique, which includes being able to demonstrate secure classical posture and weight placement with appropriate use of ‘turn-out’. They should be able to move with ease across the floor while establishing harmonious lines through the body, as well as to demonstrate an ability to perform with increasing confidence, with awareness of the audience, and with responsiveness to musical rhythms, phrasing, and dynamics.

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