The artistic, intellectual, emotional, physical and social development and well-being of our students is the primary concern of the MSA faculty and staff. As a leading institute of performing arts education, we pledge to provide the following to our community members:

  • An inclusive, welcoming learning environment designed to foster creativity, respect for diversity and a love of the arts while helping each student reach their highest technical and artistic potential;
  • Educated, professional, well-qualified faculty for each class we offer;
  • Well-maintained, state-of-the art facilities in which to learn and train;
  • Regular opportunities to study with leading international performing arts professionals in master classes, guest choreography sessions, mock auditions, etc;
  • An accessible, responsive and experienced executive team available to provide guidance and assistance to all members of the community;
  • Communication guided by a strict confidentiality policy when discussing sensitive matters;
  • Thoughtful and honest feedback for youth classes in the form of annual evaluations for all students and consultations on request;
  • A wide variety of performance opportunities annually for all levels and interests produced at a professional level with age-appropriate music, choreography, costumes and themes;
  • Regular communication and updates throughout the year via email, studio materials, our website, etc (please make sure your contact information is up to date and that you receive all of our emails!)


  • Fearlessness
  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Collaboration
  • Curiosity
  • Integrity
  • Resilience
  • Innovation


All students participating in Metropolitan School of the Arts (MSA) activities are bound by this Code of Conduct, which outlines behaviors expected of students in order to create a positive, supportive, and encouraging environment for all MSA students. Students agree:

  • To attend all required classes, appointments, rehearsals, and performances in their entirety; to arrive on time, in dress-code attire, and properly prepared with all necessary materials and equipment; and to inform the school in a timely manner if they are not able to attend, will arrive late, or will leave early from a scheduled activity;
  • To show respect and courtesy to all teachers, staff, and volunteers by following their instructions and directions at all times;
  • To show respect for classmates by communicating in a positive manner and avoiding abusive, ridiculing, intimidating, and/or bullying comments and behaviors;
  • To respond in a timely manner to any communication sent by MSA and follow all administrative procedures for class registration and attendance;
  • To avoid consuming and/or possessing alcohol, illegal drugs and unauthorized prescription drugs at all times and particularly on MSA premises and during MSA activities taking place elsewhere;
  • To avoid damaging and/or vandalizing the property and facilities of MSA and any venues where MSA activities take place – this includes cleaning up all personal belongings and trash at the end of every activity;
  • To respect the property of all members of the MSA community by turning in lost items and avoiding behavior which could damage anyone’s belongings – theft is prohibited
  • To avoid negative or inappropriate commentary about the school, the faculty/staff, and classmates in the public sphere – this includes conversations inside and outside the studio and social media use;
  • To represent MSA in a positive and responsible manner with their words and actions at all times


Studio Phone: 703-339-0444
Studio Fax: 703-373-2700
Address: 5775 Barclay Drive, Suite 4 – Alexandria, VA 22315