Our MHP dance classes work through 4 styles during the year: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and Musical Theatre, giving students time to explore and experience each one. In addition to the 4 dance styles, each level will also explore a unit on choreography, in order to build confidence in their own artistic voice. In the remaining 4 styles, students will spend time mastering core techniques, learning phrases and combinations, and discussing what they see in classmates’ performances. These techniques and combinations will be suited to the age-range and experience of the students. Older students will be exposed to Graham and Duncan technique, while younger students will focus on gaining strength and coordination, as well as finding joy in movement. The year will culminate in students sharing choreographed pieces with family and friends at our MHP Showcase.

Our music classes focus on theory, rhythm, and vocal confidence. Younger students are exposed to basic instruments and rhythm patterns, as well as principles of choral singing. We also begin our music theory learning about notation and tempos. Older students study music theory more deeply, learning about solfege and reading sheet music. All students are exposed to a variety of choral singing styles: classic folk and circle songs, Musical Theatre repertoire, contemporary pop, and classical music. The year will culminate in students sharing rehearsed choral and small-group pieces with family and friends at our MHP Showcase.

Our acting classes focus on building strong technique in mind, body, and voice. Younger students will explore improv, devised theatre, and scripts from the Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) canon. Older students will dive deeper into script work, learning about script analysis, and learning scenes and monologues from Shakespeare, Greek, and 21st century realism. Core techniques will include stage directions, eye contact, sightlines, using objectives and tactics, and creating blocking (for Intermediates and Seniors this will include Viewpoints and Laban movement work). Each class will also include a vocal warm-up to help students gain resonance, clarity, and flexibility, as well as practice healthy speaking habits. The year will culminate in students sharing directed monologues and scenes with family and friends at our MHP Showcase.

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