yoga @ metropolitan

Our mission is for the yoga student to gain flexibility and strength while experiencing a greater sense of inner and outer well-being remembering that balance is the foundation of a blissful life.  We invite you to come and be inspired!

The Class

The yoga program at Metropolitan School of the Arts is a space created for the holistic development of body, mind and soul.  We offer quality yoga instruction through the practice of Vinyasa Yoga for students of all abilities.

Vinyasa Yoga is breathe-synchronized movement where the yoga poses flow from one to another in conjunction with the breath.  At our studio, you will find classes that ignite energy and diffuse stress, cultivate strength and flexibility and encourage peace in ways that are accessible for beginners and advanced alike.  By promoting a balanced yoga practice, we hope to integrate the needs of our students in a way that fosters well being on and off the yoga mat.

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