Art offers fresh ways of looking at the world.  Art is the soul of our community.  Art inspires new connections. Art deepens a student’s understanding of him/herself and cultivates an appreciation for other cultures. MSA students hone their skills in dance, music, and theatre—but just as important, they develop new confidence and discover fundamental truths about who they are and where they might go in life.

The MSA Arts core curriculum is comprised of core modules in the areas of dance, theater and music. All students begin their studies at MSA by being immersed in all three-core disciplines. Students wishing to concentrate in one or more discipline areas may choose to do so with the guidance of the arts faculty. All students will be surrounded and supported by equally passionate and invested students, faculty, visiting artists, and staff with whom they’ll collaborate and learn in the classroom, the studio and on stage.

Our dedicated faculty members are seasoned professionals who are deeply connected to the performing arts community in Washington, D.C. and beyond. With their guidance, students perfect their skills and develop a framework for understanding both their craft and the vital role that arts play in enriching cultures and strengthening communities.

Academy Performance Opportunities

Each year, the arts faculty at the Academy prepares students to participate in a One-Act play, an annual Academy Concert and a Spring Showcase. In addition to the main stage productions, students participate in frequent music recitals, informal ‘sharings’ and are invited to perform at many prestigious events and functions in and around the Washington DC area.