A proven foundation for success.

The rigorous, accredited academic program at Metropolitan School of the Arts prepares expert learners and complex communicators for 21st century success.

The Academy @ MSA integrates 21st century inductive and deductive classroom, laboratory, and studio teaching and learning experiences supported by a global network of print and vetted on-line resources. In partnership with the highly distinguished Laurel Springs, grades 7-8 and grades 9-12, rigorous academic curricula is personalized to ensure each student is challenged to achieve excellence. With the support of their MSA classroom faculty, peer collaboration, content specialists and tutors; all collaborate to enhance direct instruction, guided practice and design-thinking projects as students prepare to perform at the highest levels on unit, semester or subject-specific national and international assessments.

All teaching faculty and tutors at The Academy @ Metropolitan School of the Arts hold advanced degrees or have a recognized arts career. Excellence is at the forefront of our mission and can only be achieved with proven faculty and mentors.  Small classes, one-on-one instruction and personalized academic support guarantee a highly interactive and engaging experience for each student. Our faculty cares about the success of each student and reviews their progress and challenges in weekly meetings. In our student-centered culture, each teacher is not only passionate about the subject taught, he or she is focused on nurturing the growth and performance competencies chosen by each student and their families given a student’s hopes, dreams, and target goal sets.

Students are provided with the entire course curriculum and required assignments for each course at the beginning of the semester. Students set daily, weekly and monthly targets to ensure a balanced life of academics, arts, rest and nourishment. Faculty, parents and each student gather during each quarter to report or review what is working and what needs to be changed or improved to meet or exceed short and long term GPA and performance portfolio goals. Attendance, preparation, and participation all contribute to arts course rubrics and evaluations. Students with daytime rehearsals, tech weeks or evening performances learn to pre-plan assignment targets and accelerate pacing schedules.

Due to the nature of our school, students can be involved in professional productions and athletic competitions in or beyond the city. Our academic program provides the necessary flexibility so students, teachers, content specialists, and tutors can connect virtually anywhere to keep pace with assignment and exam due dates. During an extended professional engagement, students devise alternate arts portfolio studies to fulfill high school arts or elective credit hours. Assignments, journals, or exams are completed and submitted through the student/parent portal to the arts or academic learning management system.