the metropolitan difference

If most performing arts studios seem to have qualified, friendly teachers, experience teaching children and a big, flashy show at the end of the year, aren’t they all pretty much the same? Does it really matter where you enroll? Absolutely!

Here’s what makes Metropolitan an industry leader and the right choice for you!

1. Our unique TRIPLE THREAT TRAINING experience

A triple threat is the industry term for an individual proficient in the disciplines of acting, singing, and dancing.  Metropolitan offers a unique, comprehensive training program that includes high quality programming in all three disciplines.   Each department has dedicated leadership to ensure the high quality education you would expect from a specialized school.  Our students receive a top-notch, well-rounded performing arts education that prepares them for endless future opportunities.

2. Non-competitive, holistic training environment

At Metropolitan, we teach using a unique, holistic ethos that cultivates positive self esteem and excellence.

3. Passionate and Professional Teaching Staff and Leadership

Every Metropolitan faculty member is a professional performing arts teacher with university degrees and professional performing and teaching experience. Our faculty members have national and international teaching certificates from the Royal Academy of Dance, The Cecchetti Council, American Academy of Ballet, and American Ballet Theater as well as university degrees from prestigious performing arts programs across the United States.

4. Specialized Early Childhood Curriculum

Our youngest students learn from a group of specialized early childhood arts educators.  Our age appropriate curriculum includes music, movement, concepts and material designed to give young students a solid foundation in dance, theater and music.  Fun and engaging classroom experiences and appropriate performance opportunities make Metropolitan a memorable first experience for your child.

5. Performance Opportunities

Performing arts education requires performing!  Every Metropolitan student has the opportunity to perform on stage.  Each year, Metropolitan produces seven full length student productions (more than 50 individual performances) for our dance, theater and music students.   All performances are led by professional faculty, staff and technical support. Students also can participate in festivals, special touring productions, summer shows and Royal Academy of Dance exams.

6. Studio Companies and Pre-Professional Experiences

Pre-professional students can audition for several training tracks: Conservatory Programs in Ballet, Tap and Jazz, Music Theater Workshop, Improv Workshop and the Teacher Assistant program for future educators. Additionally, pre-professionals may audition for one or more studio companies or ensembles.  Studio companies include: Metropolitan Youth Ballet, Metropolitan Youth Tap Ensemble, iMpulse Youth Jazz Dance Company, iLL-Matik Youth Hip Hop Company, and Metropolitan Youth Chorus.   These companies are nationally renowned for their innovative and professional work.

7. Full administrative support staff

Our studios have full administrative support staff on hand during all regular class times, so you can get immediate and professional support.

8. Co-teaching platform and teaching assistants

We strive to maintain a reasonable student-to-teacher ratio to ensure all students receive attentive, individual instruction.   Many classes operate from collaborative, co-teaching platforms to ensure the highest levels of consistency and quality for students.  All early childhood classes have at least one if not two teacher assistants.

9. Open Door Policy

At Metropolitan, we feel parental support and education is vital to your child’s progress in dance and music.  We have two-sided viewing windows in many classrooms and offer parent observation days twice a year.

10. Our Community

The Metropolitan community is a unique, inclusive artistic community that celebrates diversity and encourages its members to grow and flourish in the arts.  We welcome you to our community!