acting & music theater


Metopolitan classes give students a comprehensive education in acting performance skills.  Learn how to create characters, memorize dialogue, learn theater warm-up and games, and participate in steelwork and improvisation!  More advanced students participate in a conservatory-like class with an emphasis on character portrayal and monologue coaching. Whether you’re looking for a class to enhance your school acting program or just want to have a blast, everyone is welcome.

Acting: Intro to Acting 5-6 yrs
Acting 1 7-8 yrs
Acting 2 9-11 yrs
Acting 3 12-13 yrs
Acting 4 14-17 yrs
Acting: Improv Workshop Audition


Music Theater

Our classes are full of energy and  teach each aspect of Music Theater–singing, dancing and acting. Students begin each class with a vocal warm-up with a musical accompanist and are introduced to the basic mouth and body positioning necessary for good vocal production as well as principles of proper breath support.  Students put dancing skills to work as they dance to their vocal repertoire and build characters and storylines that support their performance.  Music ranges from showtunes to current songs from the radio.   Students learn audition and performance skills and pre-professional tips that will give them a better understanding of what it takes to be a triple threat.

Music Theater: Intro to Music Theater 5-6 yrs
Music Theater 1 7-8 yrs
Music Theater 2 9-11 yrs
Music Theater 3 12 +
Music Theater Workshop Audition