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welcome to the school of your dreams!


From the Head of School, Dr. Cheryl Wilhoyte

I welcome you to the only school of its kind in the Washington DC area!

The Academy at Metropolitan School of the Arts prepares students in grades 6-12 with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to become innovative 21st century leaders in their chosen college and/or career pathways.

The rigorous, comprehensive, mastery-based high school curriculum is an intensive four-year program that prepares students for acceptance some of the most selective colleges and universities. College-prep (standard, honors and AP) humanities, mathematics, social studies, sciences and world language courses offer students the appropriate level of challenge based on their post-secondary interests.

The three-year middle school text and mastery-based curriculum uses award -winning materials to engage students in higher-level thinking and creativity. Students in grades 6-8 especially enjoy the opportunities to design personalized assignments and research projects as they too explore the humanities, social studies, sciences, mathematics and world languages. Middle School students are also given the option to begin accruing high school credits in mathematics and world languages.

High levels of engagement, joy, and creativity through daily conservatory-style fine and performing arts training in dance, music, theater and visual arts motivate each student to become a highly disciplined expert learner and complex communicator across disciplines.

We welcome you to explore our rigorous, fully accredited academic curriculum alongside our conservatory style performing arts training program in the areas of dance, music theater, theater performance and music.

 Visit us to explore the opportunities further.

Cheryl Wilhoyte, Ph.D.
Head of School, Metropolitan School of the Arts Academy