NEXT STAGE Campaign Update: Week 2

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NEXT STAGE Campaign Update: Week 2

NEXT STAGE Campaign Update

We are making progress toward our Campaign Matching Challenge of $60,000 to begin construction on MSA’s own in-house black box theater. Thanks to many of you, as of Monday, June 6, we have raised $25,268, or 42% toward our goal!

This week, we share the story of another of MSA’s Student Ambassadors.

Jeremiah Porter
18 years old I Dance, Music Theater and Theater

“MSA has completely changed my life. What the faculty has given me throughout these past two years is unbelievable. MSA is my home always and forever…no matter where I go or end up, I know I’ll always have a family to turn to.”

When he’s not at MSA, you can catch Jeremiah watching Netflix and lip-syncing to Broadway cast albums. Jeremiah says that through his art, he is able to wake up in the morning every day and have fun doing what he loves most. Performing. Having started strictly acting his freshman year of high school, Jeremiah quickly gained traction singing and dancing under the guidance of MSA.

Jeremiah has always possessed a certain exuberance that often exhibited as a short attention span and a tendency for social outburst in class. It wasn’t until MSA exposed him to the disciplined environment of a ballet class or show rehearsal that he learned how to channel his energy. The immersive arts education at MSA has provided Jeremiah with the opportunity to explore and evolve as an artist. It has taught him how to be vulnerable onstage, how to express the things that most people leave behind closed doors. This is a powerful gift that he hopes to continue sharing with others.

Jeremiah admits that before coming to MSA, he didn’t even know how to make a salad. Today, not only is he able to make “a mean” grilled chicken salad with homemade dressing, but he feels ready to face college and life. Jeremiah will be attending Ithaca College this fall, majoring in acting.

How has MSA impacted you?

If you would like to share your story with friends and family to encourage their support of MSA’s NEXT STAGE challenge, please use

[this template] to draft your own email, attach your own favorite MSA photo, and ask them to help us leave the next legacy in performing arts!



As you probably know by now, one of my favorite places to spend time is at MSA – Metropolitan School of the Arts.  I have taken [insert dance, music theater class/es name(s)] there for [insert number of years] and just love it.  My teacher(s) are helping me understand that whether or not I pursue a career one day in performing arts or not, my experience at MSA helps me in many ways.   It helps me be creative, more coordinated, it has given me an appreciation for innovation, it has increased my confidence and it has helped me understand different art forms.  On top of that, it is so much fun and very exciting!

This month, MSA announced The 2016 NEXT STAGE CAMPAIGN to build our in-house “black box” theater space.

One of our biggest needs is our own space to perform. Renting theater space is difficult and expensive, especially in Fairfax County. Our Alexandria studio space was designed to hold a theater in Studios 1 & 2 by installing a divisible wall between the two studios, adding a retractable seating system and hanging the lighting we need.

Here’s the BIG NEWS!

An anonymous donor offered a matching gift of $60,000 to MSA for all donations pledged before July 1, 2016

With this matching gift, MSA will have the funds to complete our theater by September 1, 2016.

But we need your help!

Please consider helping us by pledging a monthly amount or 10 months to support our new theater space.  Every dollar you give or pledge in the next 30 days will be DOUBLED.


Help me raise at least $1,000 to support THE NEXT STAGE at Metropolitan School of the Arts, today!


With love and thanks,


*MSA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

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