professional tap and jazz training

The Conservatory Tap and Jazz program is designed for the serious dance student who possesses a desire to make dance training a priority, along with their academic responsibilities.  Students will participate in a weekly hour and 15 minute technique class in tap and/or jazz on Saturday afternoons with highly esteemed dance professionals.  We focus on teaching our students “how” to train by applying the proven scientific principles used for professional athletes and dancers all over the world.  We teach dedication, proper work ethic, attention to detail and creative expression through dance.  Self-motivation, commitment and dedication are necessary for individual students to reach their fullest potential and should be demonstrated in the work of students in the Conservatory program.

Conservatory Schedule of Classes

Classes typically begin at 2:00 pm and end in the late afternoon on Saturdays at Alexandria Studio Location.  Classes are divided into 6 levels for Jazz and 6 levels for Tap.  It is recommended that Conservatory students do not schedule private music lessons after 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays until after the auditions are held and class placement is solidified.

CONSJAZZ 142T Conservatory Jazz A
CONSJAZZ 242T Conservatory Jazz B
CONSJAZZ 342T Conservatory Jazz C
CONSJAZZ 442T Conservatory Jazz D
CONSJAZZ 542T Conservatory Jazz E
CONSJAZZ 642T Conservatory Jazz F
CONSTAP 142T Conservatory Tap A
CONSTAP 242T Conservatory Tap B
CONSTAP 342T Conservatory Tap C
CONSTAP 442T Conservatory Tap D
CONSTAP 542T Conservatory Tap E
CONSTAP 642T Conservatory Tap F



The Conservatory Jazz and Tap program is a technique, processed focused program that does not culminate in a performance.

Pre-Requisite and Co-Requisite Requirements

All Conservatory students are required to meet all pre-requisite or co-requisite requirements for all of their dance classes.  Jazz students must be enrolled in, and attending, additional Jazz and Ballet classes at the appropriate level.  Tap students must be enrolled in an additional Tap class at the appropriate level.  Our front desk staff will periodically check these requirements in our computer system and in instructor attendance notebooks to ensure that all Conservatory students are abiding by these guidelines.  All Conservatory students must register for a minimum of two master classes in September and two master classes in January/February during our guest master class weekend series.


Students will be invited to audition for the Conservatory program. During the first three weeks of classes, the MSA dance faculty will evaluate students in their regular tap and jazz for an invitation to audition for the conservatory program.  Students should show technical competency, focus, curiosity, self-control and an eagerness to learn. Students will receive an e-mail prior to auditions with an enclosed invitation.